This portrait needed some all around cleanup of the background, the lighting, and the model’s skin.

Here, I brightend up the whole image, while removing the distracting element of the lamp post in the background. I also touched up the model’s skin just a bit.

The client for this image just wanted the flyaway hairs to be reduced, but still natural looking.

This client’s image required some compositing. The two images below, side by side, are the photos they gave me to combine. They wanted an image where the bride and groom’s heads where encircled by the ring, with everything and everyone in focus. The image to the immediate right is the final product I created.

For this image, the client’s main concern was the helmet. Specifically the large round highlight on the front of the visor. They were hoping that it was possible to remove it.

Here I have the finished image, with a much more natural looking shine to the visor instead of the huge highlight. Also, some general cleanup was done to remove as many scratches as possible from the rest of the helmet.