This client for this image wanted the product to stand out more, as well as the label to be cleaned up, but wanted the colors to stay as true to the original as possible. They also wanted it to be cropped so as to post to Instagram.

I was able to enhance the colors of the bottle and fill in the letters on the label to create the finished image seen here.

This client’s main request was that the wrinkles in the pants be smoothed out.

Using an advanced technique, separation frequency, I was able to reduce the severity of the wrinkles, while still preserving the texture of the pants.

This image was a product on white that the client also wanted cleanup on. The box had many imperfections, especially with the lid of the box, that the client asked to have retouched.

I was able to pull the top of the box in, flattening it, and when putting it onto the white background also transfered the original shadow from the first image.